Corporate Social Responsibility

The SARR Foundation was established with the purpose of giving back to the community by empowering people. Each member of our Board of Directors and Management team is actively involved in philanthropic efforts, individually as well as in conjunction with the SARR Foundation.

In line with the philosophy of helping people help themselves, we invest in the education, training and development of the sections of society that lack the resources, and the voice, to grow easily. Our key initiatives include:

  • Enhancing employment opportunities for unskilled and semi-skilled labor by training in:
    • Language and Communication skills
    • Basic Computer Operation & MS Office
    • Tally & Basic Accounting Principles
    • Driving Specialized Vehicles
  • Funding various Women’s Empowerment Initiatives, Animal Welfare Organizations and Organizations working toward the education of underprivileged children
  • Further, to encourage and spread the spirit of philanthropy, the SARR Foundation contributes to all efforts and organizations supported by or associated with any member of the SARR Family.