Board of Directors

Sunil Kapoor

Designation: Managing Director

As the Founder and Managing Director of SARR Freights, Mr. Sunil Kapoor has proved himself to be market leader in the field of Indian Project Logistics. Under his exemplary leadership, SARR Freights has pioneered solutions and seamlessly executed even the most arduous projects.

Born in a humble family in Kolkata, Mr. Kapoor has completed his education from Delhi University, he established his first trucking company at the age of 20. Armed with a strong entrepreneurial mind, tremendous foresight and fearless outlook, Mr. Kapoor has leveraged the worldwide freight trade network to his advantage and used it to fashion a one-stop-shop for global logistics solutions.

A strong believer in philanthropy, Mr. Kapoor has also established the SARR Foundation, undertaking CSR initiatives in various fields including women empowerment, education and healthcare.

Tanya Kapoor

Designation: Director

After completing her education from the University of Bath, UK, Tanya Kapoor joined SARR Freights with a focus on Business Development. Her international exposure in Supply Chain Management and Finance has helped her bring a fresh and global perspective to the business. Following her father’s footsteps in philanthropy, Tanya Kapoor founded an NGO that works towards centralizing and compounding efforts for animal rights within New Delhi.

Anushka Kapoor

Designation: Director (Strategy & Business Development)

Anushka Kapoor joined SARR Freights after completing her Bachelors in Business Administration from Goizueta Business School, Emory University, USA. Having migrated from finance and real estate to freight management and logistics, she lends her own unique voice to the family business. Upholding the ideals of giving back to the community, Anushka co-founded an organization to provide advocacy services for survivors of sexual assault in Atlanta, USA. She now manages the SARR Foundation, ensuring SARR Freights is progressively increasing its CSR initiatives.