Inland Transportation

The rapid growth of the economy and the competitive business environment has made it vital for businesses to have a smooth supply chain. With a multitude of cities and destinations, India needs a variety of freight transportation options to fulfill its upcoming shipment requirements, be it for general cargo, project cargo, perishables or hazardous materials.

Efficient freight forwarding services can help reduce time and costs substantially, thus increasing productivity and profitability. The bureaucratic and infrastructural problems in India, however, cause various obstacles in implementing a smooth operational flow. Specializing in difficult terrains, and with three decades of multimodal freight forwarding experience, we partner with our clients to ensure that our proactive solutions allow for an effortless movement of cargo.


Road transportation is currently the most widely used mode of inland transportation. As the most important linking network, efficient road cargo transportation, at a competitive price, is key for the successful execution of any project. While the dependency on roads is high, infrastructural problems create numerous challenges for the swift and steady movement of cargo. With unparalleled experience in difficult terrains, SARR Freights is the most trusted name in road transportation, going the extra mile to ensure that the cargo is delivered quickly and safely.

With our own fleet of specialized trailers, which is further supplemented by a solid network, we facilitate risk-free, precise and flexible solutions with the following services:

  • Trucking Services
  • Flat Bed, Semi Low Bed & Low Bed Trailers
  • Extendable, 80 ft. & Soft Bed Trailers
  • Container Movement
  • Hydraulic Axles Movement
  • ODC Movement and Management
  • Perishable & Refrigerated Cargo Movement & Management

Coastal and Riverine

With a vast web of waterways in India, Coastal and Riverine Movement can be utilized as an invaluable avenue for inland transportation. Although largely untapped, waterways transportation shows great promise given the increasing number of ports, cargo centers and vessels.

SARR Freights has pioneered multiple solutions, establishing itself as one of the key players in the market. With our fleet and network, clients have access to the following services:

  • FCL and LCL Container Movement
  • Flat Rack & Open Top Container Movement
  • Floating & Beaching Ro-Ro
  • Vessel & Barges Chartering
  • Break Bulk & Heavy Lifts

Air Freight

Time is money, and swift movement of cargo can be vital to the success of a project. Air transportation provides a safe, easy, quick and flexible option for portage of cargo which is well suited for high-value, perishable and hazardous cargo. We pursue perfection at all costs, and our air freight processes ensure swift, potent and meticulous cargo movement. We provide:

  • Air Cargo Handling & Chartering
  • Consolidation Services
  • ODC, Perishable and Dangerous Cargo Handling


Indian railways provide unparalleled connectivity through its vast and intricate network. Currently, however, the dependency on road transportation is prevalent, as the usage of railways for cargo movement is still minimal. Rail transportation provides significant time and cost benefits, and thus has tremendous promise in the future of inland transportation. As one of the few players providing rail freight services in India, our services include:

  • Rake Handling
  • Domestic & EXIM Container Movement
  • ODC Movement & Management
  • General & Bulk Cargo Movement & Management


Multimodal transportation is the future of freight forwarding in India, allowing the creation of customized solutions that are perfectly tailored as per the requirements of the client. SARR Freights establishes a synchronized freight transfer process in a single chain process, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Combining the different modes of transportation facilitates solutions that are smart, economical and all-inclusive.

In order to utilize the various benefits of an integrated solution, it is vital to find the most efficient combination based on infrastructure, type of cargo, budget and time constraints. As one of the first registered Multimodal Transport Operators in India, our experience and expertise allows us to envisage, plan and execute solutions that perfectly fit your all transportation requirements.

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