Other Freight Management Services

Going beyond simple freight forwarding, we provide all-inclusive freight management services to our clients. It is not enough to simply transport cargo from one point to another, every aspect of managing the cargo should be handled with skill. Our solutions focus on maximizing efficiencies throughout the supply chain, eradicating coordination hassles and the need for multiple vendors. In this competitive environment, lean operations are key to profitability, making the integration of all logistics services an invaluable advantage in terms of time, money and efficiency. Our experience and competitive pricing have continuously reinforced our ability to diversify and expand.

Warehousing & Distribution

An integral part of almost every supply chain, an efficient warehousing and distribution system is key to remaining competitive. With a multitude of tasks, precision and constant scrutiny are vital to keeping the supply chain going and the cargo safe. As a 3PL solutions provider, we handle the loading/unloading, storage, packaging, repackaging, labelling and management of the cargo and inventory. With nearly three decades on industry experience, we have ample experience in the safekeeping of specialized cargo. Additionally, our freight forwarding and other management services allow us to maintain quality of service in the distribution process as well. We provide:

  • Covered & Open Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Exhibition & Cargo Management
  • Packing, Repacking & Labeling
  • Exhibition Cargo Management
  • Specialized Storage Management

Stevedoring & Port Handling

Proficient Stevedoring and Port Handling solutions ensures the safety of cargo and reduces resource wastage. As one of the primary waterways freight forwarders in India, our experience in Stevedoring & Port Handling is one of the most diverse in terms of types of cargo, geographic regions and equipment. We provide:

  • Container & Port Handling
  • Break Bulk Cargo Handling
  • Bulk Cargo Handling
  • Crane Services

Equipment Hiring

As a Total Logistics Solutions provider, we help our clients with solutions of all sizes and scope. The right specialized equipment of good quality is often difficult to source. With our own equipment, expertise and an expansive network, we provide equipment hiring services. Our equipment rental services can also be used for handling offshore projects, and is suitable for general, containerized and project cargo. Among other equipment, we provide:

  • Crane Rentals
  • Forklift Rentals
  • Barges & Tug Boards

In addition to hiring, we undertake several other functions such as custom clearance and documentation, loading/unloading and handling services, warehousing, freight forwarding, transit supervision and overall project management.

Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance and other documentation services require an expert to ensure the process is hassle-free. Our team has the experience and expertise to simplify the process, ensuring there are no procedural delays. We take care of the entire process by providing:

  • Custom formalities for export & import cargo
  • Project Registration
  • Drawback Refunds
  • ATA Carnet
  • DGCA Clearances
  • Customs Consultation

Value-Added Services

As a Total Logistics Solutions provider, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure every aspect of your project or supply chain is taken care of. Your cargo is safe with us, and we provide door-to-door delivery ensuring you do not have to worry. Additionally, we provide planning services to ensure that your solution is tailor-made. Among other value added services, we provide:

  • Insurance Services
  • Packing, Repacking & Labelling
  • Feasibility Studies & Route Surveys

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