Value-Added Services

Redefining the concept of cargo shipping with value addition to our services, we aim to simplify logistics with our special assistance on door-to-door shipment delivery, exhibition cargo transfers and cargo insurance.

With every shipment, a lot is at stake. To secure this in transit, we have an insurance service that safeguards it. This unique insurance policy covers any or all transport risks. Our association with certified international carriers facilitates in-transit cargo insurance and helps us complete our shipment cycle.

At SARR Freights, we support our clients in transporting their marketing material to the event venue overseas. We even help foreign companies with equipment transfers to event venues in different cities of India with the same expertise and accuracy. We assure the safe and timely transfers of promotional material and regulatory clearance as well.

With every service, we eliminate the need for multiple intermediaries and take charge of a shipment till it reaches its destination.