Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution is an important function for every third party logistics provider. Every freight agent must have separate warehouses to store and assemble inbound and outbound consignment material.

Our warehousing and distribution endeavours feature reliable data-collection and reporting systems for accuracy in information. Our Warehouse Management Systems keep stock of inventory visibility and order processing. While doing so, we also address storage, consolidation, documentation, repacking, labeling, invoicing, distribution, finished and spare inventory management and service support.

Our modern and well-equipped warehouses have adequately ensured private storage space that is useful for safe storage of goods. The inventory spaces also have specific control checks on entry and exit of goods to ensure safety of the stock. In addition, we also have warehousing facility at Inland Container Depots for storage of goods carted directly at these centres.

Our warehousing services enable our clients to reduce their overheads and increase their efficiency.