In line with our mantra of ‘Simplifying Logistics’, we are SARR Freights aim to provide complete logistics solutions under one roof, and focus on providing innovations that simplify. Our comprehensive list of freight forwarding, freight management and project management services provide clients with a one-stop-shop logistics solution that is designed to enhance productivity, reduce costs and save time,
Initially established as a freight forwarding company, ‘SARR’ represents Sea, Air, Rail, Road. As one of the oldest registered Multimodal Transport Operators in India, we have pioneered solutions with our leading inland and global freight forwarding services. Our freight management services allow us to take complete control projects and supply chains, reducing wastages and inefficiencies. Our project planning & engineering solutions allow us to go the extra mile, develop an intimate understanding of your business, and ensure that the tailor-made solution is the most efficient and effective. With a specialization in project logistics, we have gained unparalleled experience and expertise, and consequently established ourselves as the market leader.

We temper the wide array of services we provide with a dedication to quality, competitive rates and innovative solutions – ensuring that our clients receive only the best services at the best price.